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Summer Daycare

June 11th to August 10th
7:30-5:30 daily

Fully qualified staff, Playground on site, Two daily snacks provided
Toddler, Preschool, Kindergarten, School Age

For more information, call 334-3609 or email teenparentcentre@gmail.com
Teen Parent Centre, Whitehorse, Yukon
Fun Activities
TPC Graduating Class of 2014
First Aid Training
Drivers Ed, Class of 2014

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Our mission is to provide you with quality childcare, options for completing a high-school education, personal and family support and education in healthy living including nutrition, parenting, child development, and life skills.

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If you are a teen who is expecting a baby or you already have child, why not come to the Teen Parent Centre and find out more. We are located behind F.H. Collins High School, 1001 Lewes Blvd.

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If you are interested in joining our wonderful family, please contact Kathy- kathy.heinbigner@gov.yk.ca.

Dear Partners for Children

I have been thinking of how technology has brought incredible change and efficiency to the economic aspects of the world . At the same time it occurs to me that this faster way to build widgets doesn't always serve the human beings in the best way .

Certainly, technology has made some pieces in the home happen easier and more quickly. I think of the vacuum cleaner or electric drill that are mostly taken for granted. There is a choice for what sort of heater we choose to warm our homes when previously it may have been wood or coal fired. Technology used in hospita ls help provide pictures of our insides so that surgery is no longer the only option for gathering the same information.

Human beings are wired to connect. As babies, our humanness requires caring physical touch from another human so that our brain can be healthy in development. Gentle holding, rocking , massaging their tummy, back, arms and legs, toes and fingers while using voice, can be soothing and lovely . The brain receives loving hormones that are like fertilizer.

When something isn't quite right, babies cry as a signal for their adult to figure out what is wrong. The results of this crying is also a time when the brain biology wires for the future. When babies needs are met by an adult who meets the needs with their senses (touch, smell, taste, hearing, sight) the child will feel more safe and trust their adult. This allows them to be calm and enjoy experiences in the world that they can learn from.

In modern world values, I see that babies and children are being left out . Huge investments in technology are had while the human needs of babies and children are misunderstood. These little people require other attentive and caring adults in order to become : healthy adult. And when the adults miss the vital opportunity, the baby and child will have more difficulty and in some cases be unable to function in the modern world as older children and adults. These young people who become adults are then punished for bad choices or poor behaviour, when their brain simply responds to the environment as they were

groomed to do.

The solution is simple. Make early child development a priority and ensure the expert humans are the ones making decisions. Computer spreadsheets have very different ways of computing priorities .

Sincerely, Katie

Excerpt from Partners for Children October 2017 newsletter.
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