Teen Parent Centre

The Teen Parent Access to Education Society (TPAES) was formed in 1989. The Society developed a proposal to operate a teen parent program, supervised building renovations to the original portable used for the program and contacted prospective clients.

The Society's objectives are to maintain an environment where young people who are pregnant or parenting can continue their education; to offer academic, pre-natal, post-natal and parenting education; and to manage a daycare facility to care for the infants and toddlers.

Four Corners Partnership

Because Teen Parent Centre programming is managed by a society, it is at arms-reach from government departments but it benefits from the resources that the Yukon departments of education and health and social services can offer.

A "Four Corner Partnership" is the foundation of the Teen Parent Centre. This progressive Partnership includes the Teen Parent Access to Education Society, the Department of Education, the Department of Health and Social Services and FH Collins Secondary School.

The Society's Board of Directors is made up of supportive community members. The Board meets monthly (except during the summer). The daily work of the Teen Parent Centre is managed by a teacher/director who reports to the Board and to the FH Collins principal.
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